Javascript Developer

Zagreb, Croatia

This job is not available anymore.


  • precise implementation of complex custom designs using HTML/CSS/Sass
  • implementing view layouts using lit-HTML templating and building web components using LitElement
  • ability to structure complex single-page apps using Vanilla JavaScript and specific libraries
  • ability to build, maintain and run different versions of apps on multiple environments using Grunt, Webpack, GIT


  • 3+ years of development experience in JavaScript
  • understanding OOP in general 
  • experience in JavaScript classes in Vanilla JavaScript 
  • experience in Grunt, Webpack and GIT
  • experience in HTML/CSS/Sass 
  • knowledge of the English language (written and spoken)


  • 12000 - 18000 kn net salary
  • you become part of a unique team that really works on Big Data, AI, Machine Learning, Distributed Systems and other buzzwords (it's not just a buzzword here, it's the foundation of the whole product)
  • working on only one specific (large) project with clearly set deadlines and goals
  • working on interesting cutting-edge stuff (not the new (same) Web / CRM / ERP again)
  • opportunity to be creative (we are a small team and we are all technical people)
  • flexible working hours (within reasonable limits)
  • work from home (but we also have an office :))
  • other things like Christmas bonus, office drinks (especially coffee), etc.

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